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…he preached in all the cities…
Acts 8:40

Plea for Power is led by Pastor/Church Planter Estevan Montoya, of the Mountain View Baptist Church in Taos, NM. This website is here to encourage Biblical revival and Biblical evangelism (church planting). As Philip the Evangelist traveled and preached in all the cities, it is our desire to preach the Gospel through all the cities in Northern New Mexico, establishing local independent Baptist Churches.

Content on this site is Independent Baptist in doctrine and all Scripture is from the King James Bible.

The Media Ministry Of Plea For Power

This generation can only reach this generation.
David Livingstone

About Plea For Power

My name is Estevan Montoya and I lead Plea For Power. God has called my family into the church planting evangelism ministry under the Valley Bible Baptist Church in Espanola, NM. We have a burden to see God send one last revival before He judges the world. Plea For Power is here to help encourage churches with local church planting, revival, and evangelism.

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