Do you long for the Power of God?

We believe power of God will come to a land when there is a push from local churches to plant more local churches. The Bible and revival history have proven that the local church is the hub for evangelism, discipleship, and great awakenings. Let’s seek God for Biblical revival through church planting in “all the cities”.

Posts about church planting, local church evangelism, and revival.

All articles and podcast episodes are Independent Baptist in doctrine and from a King James Bible.

An Article About Brokenness

Our plans were to go out door knocking that day. God had different plans. We faced brokenness. Do you face brokenness? Learn how to find help from God.

Price For The Power Of God: PFP 004

In this episode of Plea for Power, we look at the topic of the Power of God. Many people want the power of God, but are they willing to pay the price?

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Resources for church planting, local church evangelism, and revival.

Revival & Church Planting Podcast

The Plea For Power Podcast is meant to encourage God’s men as they seek Him for power in ministry. We discuss both practical local church needs, pastoral encouragement, Independent Baptist doctrine, and Biblical patterns for revival and evangelism.

Revival & Church Planting Blog

The Plea For Power Blog shares encouraging articles to help equip members of local churches in sharing the Gospel and seeking God for revival. Our blog is written from an Independent Baptist doctrinal position as we strive to be pure in our method and message.

Church Design Resource

God has allowed Pastor Estevan Montoya to use the graphic and web design ministry to help churches. He wants to help local churches effectively use technology to proclaim the eternal truths of the Word of God. Learn about print web design for churches.

Biblical Revival Through Church Planting

About Plea For Power

My name is Estevan Montoya and I lead Plea For Power. God has called my family into the church planting evangelism ministry under the Valley Bible Baptist Church in Espanola, NM. We have a burden to see God send one last revival before He judges the world. Plea For Power is here to help encourage churches with local church planting, revival, and evangelism.

Learn more about me, my calling, and doctrinal position by clicking the button below.

The Montoya Family. Seeking The Power Of God.

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