Preaching A Revival – Thoughts About Being A Guest Preacher

Preaching a revival you ask? This is one of the greatest opportunities a preacher of the Gospel will have. You are being entrusted with the pulpit of God, a local church, and a man of God. This is not a little thing in any manner. Literally, people are seeking God to use you! That’s big time. We should never let ourselves become comfortable with the responsibility one has in preaching a revival for a church.

Yes, this something that we should consider a great honor. Yes, preaching a revival in a local church is not just for “anyone”. We should never get over the privilege one has when a church allows a guest preacher to fill their pulpit.

So, What Should One Consider When Preaching A Revival?

You Are Not The Holy Spirit

This is biggest point I would like to make. I may not be a famous evangelist. I know that I am not an expert on this subject. Yet, I have learned this simple principle:

The work of God done in the power of man, will only bring results of man. The work of God done in the Power of God, will ALWAYS bring results from God.

When conducting a revival meeting, please don’t try to emotionally manipulate people into walk down an aisle to an altar. Let God bring people, that is His job. When one allows the Spirit of God to work, God always accomplishes His will.

One example that can help illustrate this is when I had the opportunity to preach for a church plant in California. God led me to preach about Elijah and the Fire Falling. This sermon was geared toward the local church. Yet, God worked one several individuals that came forward to be saved. One the other hand, I have preached Gospel messages, and God dealt with people to surrender to preach.

I can’t explain this, except for the fact that when the Word of God is preached, God does His work. So don’t try to do things in your own power. Learn to serve God in His power. He will accomplish far more than we can in our entire life.

Consult With The Pastor

Some people may argue this point, but I believe there is wisdom in this. The pastor of the church knows the situations, afterall, he is the “overseer”. When a revival or special meeting draws near, you should ask the pastor if there is anything that could help the church. Maybe you have a sermon that would fit just right. Maybe there is a theme. If so, then gear your sermons toward that theme.

I hate to put people down, so I won’t name the individual, but I have seen people go into a meeting just to get something off their chest or to make a fuss. Really? Yes, and I have been guilty of this myself. Over the years, I found that if I ask the pastor, God will let me know how I can better serve and help the church that has gone out of its way to bring us in.

This also leads to you and the pastor praying more for the meeting. After all, we are just the messengers of God. It’s not our job to change the message. If both you and pastor pray, God will be able to have free course in the meeting. This goes back to the first point of letting God work. God always works through God given authority, and the pastor of the church is under shepherd of that flock.

Always Preach As God Leads

As one allows God to work, while obtaining counsel from the pastor, God will begin to direct you in your sermon preparation. Yes, it’s good to ask the pastor about what should be preached, and most pastors will respond with something like this:

You just preach as God leads. We’ll trust Him to direct you.

That being said, one must take time to pray & prepare, all for the purpose of preaching the Word of God. Yet, one can never prepare enough. God may change our sermon right before it’s time to preach it. This is why we must be students of the Bible that continually study and meditate on the Word of God.

Allow The Word Of God To Speak Through You

When we are preaching a revival, or any meeting for that matter, we are delivering the very message that God has for His people at that time. We must be obedient to the leading of God, which is always in alignment with His Word. God uses His Word to reveal Himself to mankind, and it’s His Word alone that we must proclaim.

This is why I prefer expository preaching over any other preaching style. I remember sitting in awe as I heard my first pastor expound the Word of God. He was not a fancy preacher. He didn’t even finish Bible college. Yet God used him. Why, because he allowed God to speak though him by staying faithful to preaching the Word of God.

Preach FOR Revival, And Not ABOUT Revival

I know the previous points might not be what you were looking for. You are preaching a revival, so preach it! Is it that simple? Yes…and no. After much study about revival and spiritual awakenings, I have come to the conclusion that God sends revival when His local church stands and preaches pure doctine.

What am I getting at? Well, I have heard many revivalist preach great messages ABOUT revival. They talk all about what used to take place and how God did great things in the past. Only to season it with a little Bible. It sounds more like a pep-rally. I thought we want revival. Then preach for revival, and not about revival.

True revival preaching deals with pure doctrine. The preaching of doctrine in the Power of God seems to handle issues better then people preaching about “issues”. God’s Word will always accomple His will, therefore, we should seek to preach it purely. Preaching it purely, addressing Bible doctrines, with personal application will help you preach for revival.

Please, don’t get up and tell a bunch of stories. Stand up and Preach the Bible and it’s Holy Doctrines!

Last Words About Preaching A Revival

I am not the expert, and I will be the first to admit this. There are many good men out there that could teach more than I know. This is just from the past 10 years of preaching. There has been a time when I messed up on each point every night for an entire meeting! If anything, you are learning from my mistakes.

Please remember, it is an honor to fill a pulpit. Make sure that you are walking with God. Make sure you seek His will. Preach as God leads and leave the results to Him. He may be working things out that you just don’t see. Don’t judge a meeting based on the altar calls. God is in control. Trust Him and follow His leading during the entire revival meeting.

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