The Calvary Road – Roy Hession

We may pray long to be cleansed from some sin and for peace to be restored to our hearts, but unless we are willing to be broken on the point in question and be made a partaker of the Lamb’s humility there, nothing will happen.


  1. Thank you for your testimony and this website. All of it rings true and sincere. There is so much out there now that is all about self idolatry and money. I look for Podcasts every night for my husband and I to listen to. It is very discouraging to sort through the “Christian” category. Also I hold Roy Hession as a very dear saint and read him often. May God bless you richly! You have reached a couple of old sinners saved by grace from Georgia.

    • I am glad to hear this site is blessing to you. Praise God for His working in lives and hearts. Roy Hession is very blunt and gave what we need to hear to see God work in our lives. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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