3 Preaching Lessons Every Preacher Should Learn

3 Preaching LessonsAfter a few years of pastoring, every preacher picks up a few things they wished they learned before. They make a mistake or handle something in a way that could have been handled differently. There are lessons learned, and maybe you are one of the many preachers that wished you would have learned such lessons sooner.

Don’t worry. You’re in good company. In fact, that is really the only way God can help you grow. It is my firm belief that once we stop growing, we start dying. A preacher should be in a continual state of openness toward God and the lessons that must be learned.

With that being said, there are some preaching lessons I wish I learned before going into the ministry. Let me make this statement:

Just because a lesson is taught, it doesn’t mean it’s learned.

I had great mentors and preachers that influenced me. While they tried their best, there were some lessons only God can teach. I thank God for using these preachers in my life. God used them, and I hope and pray this little article will used by God to help you!

3 Preaching Lessons Every Preacher Should Learn

Every Preacher Is Different

I know you’ve seen it. A young man surrenders to preach the Gospel. God does a work in his heart, and now it’s time to preach his very first sermon. Nervous and shuddering, he makes his simple message clear. In some miraculous way, God takes such humility and blesses with Power from on high.

As he develops, he most likely will begin to develop a “style” to his preaching. In fact, every preacher has a “style”. After being in LOTS of meeting, conferences, and church services, I have found that preachers generally have one of the following styles:

  • Hard Preaching –  This is typically your Hell Fire preacher that screams, stomps, yells, and anything else you could think of.
  • Moderate Preaching – This is a preacher that is not afraid to get “loud”, but normally preaches in a mellow tone.
  • Soft Preaching – This preacher is usually very calm and has a reassuring tone that keeps his hearers attention. There is usually no yelling or animation.
  • Intellectual Preaching –  This preacher is very much an expository preacher and has different tones through out the sermon, but overall gives a lot of meat in his sermon.

This is just a general overview of the types of preachers. In all this, I have seen preachers gravitate towards preaching styles that are similar to individual personality traits. That’s fine. In fact, that is what most always happens.

What is not fine is then a person is looked down upon for not being a certain way. Have you ever been to a meeting where certain preachers are considered the best? This places a heavy burden on young preachers to emulate other preachers.

What we must realize is that God develops people differently. Every preacher and his style is different. If a preacher is doctrinally sound, then the style shouldn’t matter. As long as he has a heart for God and is preaching the message God led him to preach, then he should be accepted and giving equal “Amen’s”…not for his style, but for his message.

Just remember, God made every person different. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are not to put down some else for not meeting our expectation of what good preaching is. As long as the Word is preached, that is what matters.

Preach In The Context

I am a firm believer that exposing the Bible text as God intended is the form of preaching that God is pleased with. This is different from preaching styles. How? Simply put, WHAT is preached is different than HOW something is preached.

Preaching in the context is dealing with WHAT is being preached. People can have different styles of preaching while all being within the context of Scripture.

Dear preacher, please remember, we are called to Preach the Word…Not to preach about the Word. Let that sink in. Too many preachers today get up and craft sermons that are only about the Word, but they never really preach the Word itself.

Let the Word of God speak for itself. Learn what God is saying in the text, not what you make it say. God’s Word preached in God’s Power brings results only God can bring.

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
~ 2 Timothy 4:2

Learn To Weep

There is no shame is shedding tears in the pulpit, prayer closet, or in your personal life. In fact, we need more weeping. The shortest verse in the Bible teaches us that Christ Himself knew compassion:

Jesus Wept ~ John 11:35

Paul talked about how he warned the area of Ephesus for 3 years…with tears. Peter, after denying Christ “wept bitterly”. Jeremiah prayed for tears and wrote an entire book about Lamentations. There are many examples in Scripture where you find God’s men weeping.

Tears let people know you care. You should never be ashamed to shed tears while you preach. It will have a greater impact on your hearers, because they know you are sensitive to them and God.

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.
~ Psalms 126:5-6

I hope these simple preaching lessons will help you are you seek God in the ministry. Please share this post by clicking on the social media links below. Also, If you would like to receive more articles like this, then sign up in the form below. You will be sent an email stating when new revival articles are posted here on Plea For Power.


  1. just found your website and have read a couple of posts. Good solid stuff so far.
    These lessons here are great. I agree with them all. (I tend to fall on or between your calm and intellectual ‘styles’.) Preach the Word in Its context and do it in the way God made you through the Holy Spirit. Don’t try to be anybody else. If you do, your making yourself out to be an idol instead of letting God’s Word speak for itself.
    Thanks for sharing and posting.

  2. I appreciate you comments. Stay faithful to God be being faithful to His Word and you won’t go wrong.

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